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Cope plaster wall of poor family

They came and built a foundation, and left

GA MAKOFANE – The Congress of the People (COPE) plastered and fitted a door at a house belonging to a local needy family on September 29.

The one-roomed house of Mmalehu Mphogo (57) had a broken door and windows, and was a playground for menacing rats.

According to Mphogo the local municipality attempted to build her an RDP house five years ago, but it was never completed. The only indication of this intention is a poorly constructed foundation.

“They came, built the foundation and left. When I asked why the house was never completed, I was told it had failed. I watched with envy when neighbours and friends got their houses, but I was sidelined. The building material that gave me hope, was also removed from the site,” she explained.

Mphogo stays with her two unemployed children, and three grandchildren in the room. She can’t afford a cellphone and does not qualify for a pension. She adds that the whole family of six relies on a R290 social grant money.

“We don’t even have a toilet, we are forced to use the hill next to our house. Sometimes, we go to bed without eating; we rely on food from neighbours and donors, but at times we don’t get anything. It looks as if the people are tired of feeding us.”

Lekhele Moraba of Cope says it’s disheartening to have families living in dilapidated houses after 19 years of democracy.

“We heard of the problem and volunteered to help, before we leave today, the house will be plastered and a door will be fitted. We even sent a letter to the Public Protector to seek intervention. They confirmed in writing, that the departments of cooperate governance and traditional affairs, as well as human settlements, were in the process of appointing a contractor to see that the family is accommodated early next year. With the little we have, and donations we get from business,we will strive to help the needy. It pains us to see our community members suffering.”

The departments confirmed that the families of Malehu Mphogo and Jane Motswiane would receive a house before March 2014.

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