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Local resident victim of Edgars card fraud

Fraudulent purchases of R10 600 worth of items

On Saturday November 9, at approx. 13:00 Cynthia Vorster received a call from an Edgars Branch in Johannesburg querying a purchase on her account. A woman had just made purchases to an amount of R10 600 worth of goods. The unidentified woman had entered the store asking for a re-issue of Vorster’s card as the card had been lost or stolen. The fraudster had Vorster’s ID number as well as personal information which is requested when issuing a new card.
When Vorster denied being responsible for the purchases, she received a call from the fraud division of Edgars informing her that an investigation would immediately take place and feedback would be provided to her. “I had to do an affidavit at the police station that I reside in White River and was nowhere near the relevant branch in Johannesburg where the fraud was committed ,” says Vorster “ I also had to go into the nearest Edgars store and fill out various forms. This was to ensure that I don’t have to land up paying for the illegal purchases of goods in my name. The public should be aware of this and how easily any personal information can be obtained to commit fraud.”
Some chain stores have an insurance against fraud which is an optional extra for card holders.

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