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How to handle Afrikaans homework difficulties

Is your child battling with Afrikaans homework? Here's how you can assist your child to conquer this important school subject!

Are you having trouble filling in the blanks on your eight-year-Afrikaans old’s homework? Moenie bekommerd wees nie! You are not alone…

Many parents find it difficult to assist their children with their homework. It feels like you have to start over as a student, which is especially difficult for topics in which you did not excel. The good news is that many non-Afrikaans speaking parents are getting imaginative when it comes to Afrikaans. Here are several ways parents can help their children improve their Afrikaans skills and manage their Afrikaans homework load better:

Google Translate

This is the go-to site for moms who need to learn the fundamentals first. Google Translate is your best friend if you don’t speak Afrikaans. You can translate entire documents or just a few words. Because the technology isn’t perfect, your child won’t be able to complete all of his or her homework, but it’s still better than doing nothing at all.

Good to know: The accuracy of Google Translate is questionable. If your child does not understand the fundamentals of the language, they may use the wrong terms totally or in the wrong context.

TV series in Afrikaans

Some mothers recommend that their children watch shows like 7de Laan to assist them to improve their Afrikaans comprehension. They can learn conversational words and when to employ them. Other Dstv shows for youngsters, such as Kyknet, Kyknet & Kie, and Kyknet Lekker, are also good possibilities.

Make acquaintances who speak Afrikaans

Numerous parents have difficulty pronouncing many Afrikaans terms. Having a tutor or a friend who can send a voice note with the different words might be quite beneficial!

Content on the internet

Teach Me Afrikaans, for example, provides excellent learning resources for beginners. They provide instruction on a variety of themes, including fruits and vegetables, months and seasons, numbers, and so on. YouTube also has some videos for children who need to study Afrikaans.

Purchase additional Afrikaans workbooks

Your local library or favourite book store will likely stock a wide range of books in Afrikaans. Reading Afrikaans books can help your child better understand vowels, sentences and the spelling of Afrikaans words.

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