Hyundai scores in dealer satisfaction survey

Hyundai Automotive South Africa achieved platinum status in the 2022 National Automobile Dealers’ Association’s Dealer Satisfaction Survey with the highest overall score out of 35 participating automotive brands.

The award was in recognition of “achieving a benchmark score in excess of 85% in the 2022 NADA Satisfaction Survey in the passenger and light commercial vehicle category”.

“Satisfied dealers are vitally important in order to run an efficient and successful automotive sales and service network. We value the feedback and support of our dealers very highly, and we strive for even better service and support from our side to our network,” said Stanley Anderson, sales and operations director at Hyundai Automotive SA, after receiving the platinum award certificate.

“We managed to shape and innovate our support to our dealer network very well during the challenging past two years, and we continue to find ways to deal with the ongoing challenges. A happy and satisfied dealer network ultimately leads to good customer relationships,” said Anderson.

The National Automobile Dealers’ Association (NADA) in South Africa has measured dealers’ satisfaction with the various automotive brands annually for more than two decades. A total of 35 independently researched brands participated in the 2022 NADA DSI survey, according to Lightstone, which has been conducting the research since the introduction of the project in 1996.

The survey was suspended in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic but resumed in 2021.
Lightstone says the industry overall average improved from 76,1% in 2021 to 76,2% in 2022. A total number of 21 brands scored above 65%. Hyundai was one of three brands that achieved platinum status (85% and above), while nine passenger / LCV brands achieved gold status (75% to 84,9%).

The survey was conducted over 14 question categories.
Dealers were once again most satisfied with the goodwill, policy claims and warranty category, where Hyundai achieved the highest score.

Dealers were least satisfied with vehicle distribution – a category where the stock supply chain was disrupted due to global macro-economic challenges such as the semi-conductor chips shortage, the KwaZulu-Natal floods and some difficulties due to the war in Ukraine.

Lightstone states that it has observed a significant increase in the way manufacturers and importers use the insight provided by the NADA DSI results.

Source: QuickPic

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