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STEM toys beneficial to early childhood development

Parents have the perfect chance to foster STEM learning during the crucial early childhood development stage from conception to age eight.

According to a report by the World Health Organisation, all infants and children should have early learning activities with their parents and other caregivers during the first years of life; as this enables children to achieve their full developmental potential.

Young children absorb information like sponges. From the moment they are born, they learn languages, social queues, and movement, and by experiencing the world around them through their senses.

It is the ideal opportunity for parents and caregivers to help them engage in STEM learning. Early childhood development starts at the time of conception until 8 years of age and it is during these years that children easily learn the skills that will set them in good stead in future years.

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of early STEM learning activities – children who engage in STEM play show better results in reading, writing, literacy, and mathematics when they are in school.

Furthermore, early mathematics learning – including pattern recognition and creation, identifying shapes and understanding numeracy, is a strong predictor of later achievement in multiple disciplines.

Encouraging play-based STEM learning

Magformers is a range of fun, magnetic, building toys that help young children engage with STEM in an exciting, playful way. Magformers give children the opportunity to discover shapes, construction, colours, patterns, and object creation.

Philip Galliford, the spokesperson for Solarpop, says, “Magformers spark the imagination and build skills in 2D and 3D construction. Playing with shapes encourages planning and logical thinking, inspiring children to think mathematically. Furthering the STEM factor, the basic principle of the range is that a child’s creativity and the amount of fun they have while playing is limitless.”

According to Preschool headmistress Dani Tannous, play-based learning takes advantage of a child’s natural curiosity. “Learning should be fun and toys that allow children to be inventive in a lovely, stimulating way are wonderful. STEM skills are vital not only for the jobs of the future but for life itself. Toys such as Magformers are an excellent investment in a child’s learning journey,” she says.

How STEM toys help children develop skills

Improve Concentration

STEM toys offer an immersive play experience, meaning that a child is fully engaged with the brightly coloured pieces as they build things. This type of free play encourages a child to focus long enough that they complete a task, which brings immense satisfaction.

Develop 3D thinking

With Magformers, children can build flat 2D shapes and move on to intricate 3D shapes. One of the key educational benefits is that it teaches pre-schoolers about the fundamentals of magnets and 3D structures.

Foster Curiosity and Creativity

Playing with STEM toys encourages curiosity, which leads to more enjoyment and participation in school. Playing also fosters creativity, which helps with problem-solving and inventiveness.

Engage Reasoning

Reasoning involves thinking in steps so that one arrives at a specific or intended outcome. The ability to reason and think logically is important for everyday activities, so developing those skills from a young age is vital. STEM toys engage basic reasoning skills, and the more a child practices these skills, the better they will become at understanding attributes, relationships, and sequences.

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