Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
4 minute read
9 Dec 2019
9:00 am

Facelift Volvo XC90 at sixes and sevens

Charl Bosch

The lack of that middle chair in the second row simply looks strange for a vehicle that became renowned for its seven-seat configuration.

At first glance, it is difficult to believe that the Volvo XC90 will be entering its sixth year of production next year as the initiator of Gothenburg’s Iron Mask styling language still looks remarkably fresh and modern in the face of newer competitors. What makes this even more remarkable is that Volvo has been subtle with the visual upgrades, to the point where finding any exterior differences between the current iteration and the original will only result in strained eyes. It is an approach that has worked in the big Volvo’s favour as it remains an eye-catching, literally, but still...