Mark Jones
Road Test Editor
4 minute read
21 Aug 2020
7:39 am

Jaguar’s I-Pace charges up the time-sheets

Mark Jones

I-Pace’s electrifying speed will convince many petrolheads to embrace the future.

Jaguar I-Pace

A few months ago, our Motoring Editor, Jaco van der Merwe, had a Jaguar I-Pace on test for some civilised family commuting. But this week I got my hands on the car with one mission in mind, and that was to performance road test it. I am going to start by chasing the loadshedding elephant out the room. Stop saying electric cars will never work here because of loadshedding. And don't make your second mistake when you think that electric cars offer no real-world performance. Think of Jaguar's 90 kW/h battery as your car's normal fuel tank. You need 90...