Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
5 minute read
30 Aug 2020
8:34 am

Audi S6 a performance era throwback done right

Charl Bosch

S6 is old-school performance with lots of luxury and go, but is it enough to discourage buyers from going the SUV route?

Audi S6

Despite not being a new phenomenon, the uncovering of a time capsule of sorts that harks back to the past still comes with a lot of intrigue. In the current automotive realm, that capsule is the performance sedan. Once the definition of fast practicality with enough luxury, the signature family hauler of three decades ago that provided sports car rivalling levels of go now comes in the shape of an SUV as the shift towards a vehicle than can fulfil multiple roles continues at an unabated speed. However, relieving the past in the modern era often leads to a surprise...