Andre De Kock
Motorsport Editor
4 minute read
31 Aug 2021
8:20 am

New Hyundai i20 has the drive to match the looks

Andre De Kock

A combination of the all-new hatchback’s zippy engine and slick gearbox gives the driver a sense of involvement.

The new i20 is a huge and welcome departure aesthetically from the previous generation.

At first, I turned a blind eye to the rave reviews of the new Hyundai i20. You see, despite having attended some of this country’s top reformatories over the years, this writer was extremely naïve during my tender youth. Not, you understand, spectacularly stupid, like people who believe the promises of politicians and rich pastors. Just ill-informed. For instance, I believed that there would be all-round fulfilment after marriage. Instead, I discovered that marrying a woman immediately makes her as frigid as Racheltjie de Beer. Three times, I got married. Three times. I experienced living without sensual contact or financial...