Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
7 minute read
24 Dec 2021
8:10 am

Hauling meets convenience in self-shifting Volkswagen Crafter

Charl Bosch

With the optional High Roof, the Crafter stands almost 2.4 metres high.

With the optional High Roof, the Crafter is simply massive.

South Africa’s reliance on bakkies to move objects around is known the world over regardless of the item’s size, length, height or quantity. On the opposite side of the pond, it is a different story. Challenging the bakkie dominance Europe’s fascination and love for vans is similarly well documented and part of the local landscape. Simply put, if you want to lug or haul stuff around, you buy a van, no questions asked. Side profile akin to that of a small truck. While unlikely to be toppled soon, the question of vans being better suited from a size and/or security...