Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
5 minute read
19 Jan 2021
8:50 am

Righting the wrong? Jeep Compass determined to find its True North

Charl Bosch

Improvements aplenty but one big tweak needs to be made.

Rugged and a good looker

What is in the meaning of a name? It is a question every automaker surely asks when rolling out a new model. Get it right and it will last in the memory banks for years, but get it wrong and the results are well, ask Mitsubishi (Pajero), Hyundai (Creta), Isuzu (Mysterious Utility Wizard), Ford (Probe) and Honda (That’s) for example. On the face of this, Jeep’s opting for the Compass nomenclature back in 2006 didn’t evoke any rude comments or snickering as it fitted in rather well with the brand’s military heritage. That is until the order was given for...