Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
1 minute read
8 Nov 2021
7:50 am

Next Nissan GT-R earmarked 2023 with electrical assistance

Charl Bosch

Hybrid powertrain could potentially comprise of a smaller V6 engine aided by an electric motor.

All-new GT-R set for arrival in 2023 at which point the current model will be 16 years old.

With speculation of the replacement for the now 14 year old Nissan GT-R continuing to mount, a new report from the United Kingdom has claimed that the all-new model will remain six-cylinder powered, albeit with electrical assistance.

According to Britain’s Autocar, the GT-R will not only keep the internal combustion engine, but ride on a new platform capable of accepting electrification the current PM architecture, spun-off of the dated FM, is unable to accommodate.

What remains unknown though is whether the current 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 engine will be kept or replaced with a smaller unit the publication alleges could come in the form of the twin-blown 3.0-litre bent-six used in the new Z.

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Aside from its powertrain, the report further alleges that the GT-R could adopt a retro-style design similar to the Z, by potentially featuring styling from past versions of the Skyline GT-R. This however, remains to be confirmed.

“We are looking at how we can do it electrified. It’s something that’s a really professional sports vehicle with no compromise. The Z is for someone like me who enjoys sports cars. The GT-R is a professional machine and we need to work it out for the future,” Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida was quoted by the publication as saying.

While still some ways off from debuting, expect more rumours, potential confirmation and possibly even spy images to emerge heading into 2022.