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12 Oct 2013
7:00 am

Peugeot 208 cheapest in parts survey


Peugeot's energetic B segment contender - the distinctive 208 hatchback - has come up trumps in the annual Kinsey Report into parts pricing.

The 208 1.2 Active won the Supermini segment of the 2013 survey, the price of its parts basket across three broad categories and over 30 individual items undercutting every one of its rivals – some by as much as R50 000. With 11 cars in the category and the B-segment accounting for some 40 percent of new car sales, success here bodes well for long-term market acceptance.

None of its rivals could boast a ‘basket’ price under 30 percent of the retail price of the car, with the 208 1.2 VTI’s basket coming in at 29.48 percent of its showroom price. In terms of the total Rand cost of the basket, the 208 was also the cheapest.

It was in the Crash Component arena that the cutely-styled Pug really shone and here it was cheapest by more than R6 000 on a basket which includes items such as headlamps, windscreen, radiator, doors and bumpers. Prices on parts like bonnets, doors and fenders were class-leading – this fact certainly won’t be lost on insurance companies.

While the 208 wasn’t outright best in the Service and Maintenance categories, the retail price of the 208 (and all Peugeot passenger cars) includes a Five-Year Premium Plan which covers all servicing and maintenance items for 60 000 km or 60 months in the case of the 208.

“Perception still suggests that Peugeot parts are expensive, and we’ve worked extremely hard to prove that in this case perception is not reality,” explains Peugeot’s managing director Francis Harnie. “With the 208’s success in the most recent Kinsey Report we can hopefully lay it to rest, once and for all!”