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New Navara and Patrol teased in Nissan’s ‘Arc’ product range

Provided teaser video also shows a number of MPV and SUVs, one of the latter possibly the replacement of the Terra or Pathfinder.

Nissan has provided the first official glimpse, albeit a fleeting one, of the next generation Patrol and Navara as part of its newly launched product business plan before 2030 called “The Arc”.

Watch “Arc” products video below

A business model involving the roll-out of 30 products before 2026, of which 16 will be electrified, “The Arc” also involves the introduction of 14 internal combustion engine vehicle as a means of what Nissan calls the roll-out of a “balanced product portfolio” for respective markets.

“This plan will enable us to go further and faster in driving value and competitiveness. Faced with extreme market volatility, Nissan is taking decisive actions guided by the new plan to ensure sustainable growth and profitability,” Nissan President and CEO, Makoto Uchinda, said in a statement.

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While set to include the mass electrification of its vehicles in Japan, as well the reveal of six new EVs in Europe, for Africa, “The Arc” will centre around the unveiling of two new SUVs plus a broader range of A-segment vehicle powered by combustion engines.

“If you look at our product portfolio, in the future the number of ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles will decline, but they are very important for our business,” Uchinda was quoted by AFP as saying.


In an accompanying teaser video, the array products shows not only numerous SUVs, but also a single bakkie more than likely the next generation Navara reported last year as being in the pipeline for introduction in 2025.

Nissan teases new models in "Arc" product roll-out
Screengrab showing a new bakkie likely to be the next generation Nissan Navara. Image: Nissan YouTube page

Confirmed to be underpinned by alliance partner Mitsubishi’s new Triton, the Navara will continue to derive motivation from a diesel engine with electrification only expected in the form of a plug-in hybrid setup.

“I think in ASEAN the internal combustion is still going to be around for a while for applications like pick-ups. And diesel has very good qualities for pick-ups towing because of the torque delivery and other things,” Nissan’s Head of Product and Product Strategy, Ivan Espinosa told Australia’s carsales.com.au on the sidelines of the Tokyo Mobility Show in Japan last year.

Patrol and new Terra replacement?

Nissan teases new models in "Arc" product roll-out
Outline of a full-size SUV could well be that of the all-new Y63 Patrol. Image: Nissan YouTube page

Elsewhere, the one minute 53 sec clip shows a pair of large SUVs expected to be the new Y63 Patrol and its North American Armada-badged sibling, both effectively previewed earlier this month by upscale sister brand Infiniti’s all-new QX80.

Nissan teases new models in "Arc" product roll-out
Mystery new SUV could be bakkie based and possibly replace the Terra or the Pathfinder. Image: Nissan YouTube page

More interestingly is presence of a number of MPVs and smaller SUV, one being either the replacement for the current Pathfinder or the slow-selling Navara based Terra Nissan admitted last year won’t be renewed after 2027 due to poorer than anticipated uptake.

More later

As it stands, no details regarding any of the 30 models are known, however, expect this to change substantially over the coming weeks and months before the 2026 cut-off.

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