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Incoming all-electric Opel Astra will have a performance model

Confirmation could lead to the return of the much loved OPC moniker not used since 2018.

The dormant OPC or Opel Performance Centre moniker is reportedly tipped for a revival in 2023 on an all-electric version of the new Astra.

Last used in 2018, only to be dropped for the equally iconic but ultimately mild performance orientated GSI nameplate on the Corsa and Insignia, the return of an OPC badged model first emerged in 2018 with hybrid motivation.

In readiness for Opel becoming an all-electric brand in 2027 however, attention has reportedly switched to full electrification as per the apparent introduction of a solely battery powered Astra next year.

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Despite not revealing the OPC by name, Opel’s Head of Design, Mark Adams, in conversation with Britain’s Top Gear about a performance Astra, remarked, “We’re working on things that are not too far away, where we’re gonna be embarking in that direction”.

Set to be previewed by a plug-in hybrid model, which could potentially be called GSI, Adams declined to provide any details when asked about the eventual design of what will be sold under the VXR’s name by Opel’s UK sister brand Vauxhall should it happen for real.

“There’s a fine line between being perceived as sporty and dynamic, which is a positive attribute, let’s say. But at the same time you don’t necessarily want a brand that’s harsh and aggressive. It’s finding that sweet spot, and we have to, as designers, definitely think about those softer factors,” Adams said.

All-electric Opel Astra tipped to revive OPC
All-new, not for South Africa Opel Astra

Despite nothing being known at present, speculation is that the all-electric OPC will produce considerably more power than the 206kW/400Nm made by the previous model’s 2.0-litre turbo engine.

In addition, it will most likely also feature all-wheel-drive, a first for the Astra OPC, but not the moniker as the original Insignia OPC sported an all-paw gripping system.

The expected return won’t, unfortunately, spill over to South Africa as no plans are currently in place to bring the new Astra to market, or indeed any of Opel’s electric models currently consisting of the Corsa-e and Mokka-e.

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