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By Siyavuya Mbaduli


Hijackings of Toyota bakkies have Centurion owners worried

Police have told owners to be vigilant and install anti-theft devices if not already equipped.

Residents of Centurion are living in fear as the number of Toyota bakkie thefts continues to rise. This worrying trend has prompted the police to issue a warning to all Toyota bakkie owners to be extra vigilant and take the necessary precautions to safeguard their vehicles.

Toyotas in clear focus

Captain Dave Miller, the spokesperson for Centurion police, expressed his concerns about the recent increase in Toyota bakkie hijackings in the area.

He revealed that these criminals were targeting Toyota bakkies more than any other type of vehicle in the region, especially on the freeways towards off-ramps. 

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It is distressing to learn that criminals are taking advantage of innocent drivers by hijacking their vehicles at off-ramps, where they are vulnerable and unable to make a U-turn.

It is clear that these criminals are sophisticated and well-organised, and they are targeting Toyota bakkies with precision and intent.

Police advises caution

The police have urged all Toyota bakkie owners to be vigilant and take the necessary precautions to protect their vehicles.

They advise that drivers should always be aware of their surroundings, especially when driving at night or in isolated areas.

Furthermore, they recommend that owners should install an anti-theft device, such as an immobiliser or a tracking system, as a countermeasure to combat the crime.

Not only Toyotas

Common on the road, Toyota bakkies are some of the most sought-after vehicles among carjackers, with the Hilux and its SUV stablemate, the Fortuner, being the most targeted models locally.

According to previous available carjacking statistics from the SAPS, a total of 5 253 models were stolen between 2018/2019.

This is an alarming number and highlights the seriousness of the situation. Other popular car models targeted by criminals include Volkswagen, Nissan, and Ford.

The rise in Toyota bakkie thefts in Centurion is a cause for concern and requires immediate action. Despite police efforts to combat the problem, emphasis is on citizens to take the necessary precautions and remain vigilant.

Article first appeared on carmag.co.za.

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