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Report: Days numbered for Toyota Land Cruiser 70-series’ V8

Single turbo 4.5-litre bent-eight has been part of the Land Cruiser line-up since 2013, but now looks set to depart for Hilux-power.

With no replacement currently in sight, a report from Australia has alleged that Toyota will soon be bringing to a halt the 4.5 D-4D turbodiesel V8 engine powering the venerable Land Cruiser 70-series.

Forget six-cylinders as well

A staple of the 76 station wagon, 79 single single cab and 79 double cab, but not the 78 Troopy, since debuting in 2013 with a single turbocharger compared to the twin-turbo setup employed in the now discontinued Land Cruiser 200, the V8’s future has been doubtful ever since the reveal of the Land Cruiser 300 that employs a smaller but more powerful 3.3-litre V6 oil-burner.

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Despite Toyota having expressed continual support for the V8, first in April 2020, then again in July of the same year, followed by a similar affirmation in 2021, both instances from Australia where 70-Series orders have been closed for over a year due to demand, the rumoured replacement, while at one stage thought to be the Land Cruiser 300’s 227kW/700Nm V6, will allegedly have four-cylinders not offered since the end of the 60-series 33 years ago.

Powered by Hilux?

According to the claims from carsguide.com, the 70-series will return to its home market of Japan powered by the 2.8 GD-6 unit from the Fortuner, Prado and Hilux. Reportedly, it will be powerful than the V8 which currently delivers 151kW/430Nm.

Land Cruiser's diesel V8 on the out
Like the double cab, the single cab 79 utilises the V8 oil-burner.

Given that the four-cylinder already has more torque than the bent-eight, 500 Nm in the Fortuner, Hilux and Prado while being one kilowatt down on the power front, the rumour appears almost justifiable despite no confirmation from Toyota itself.

A further catalyst to the Land Cruiser 70-series potentially going the GD-6 route is the presence of the Hilux GR Sport that utilises the same engine, but with raised outputs of 165kW/550Nm.

Land Cruiser's diesel V8 on the out
Land Cruiser 76 station wagon will also say goodbye to the V8.

Possible hybrid and no more manual

In addition, reports have continued to simmer that the next generation Fortuner will have a 48-volt mild-hybrid system combined with the GD-6, which will result in the Land Cruiser 70-series becoming a diesel/hybrid once seen as a viable powerunit option for the Land Cruiser 300.

Along with the smaller diesel, the report goes further by alleging that the five-speed manual gearbox will also fall away and have in its place, the six-speed automatic used on the Hilux, Fortuner and Prado.

Land Cruiser's diesel V8 on the out
The five-speed manual gearbox will reportedly bow-out in favour of a six-speed automatic.

If so, it will avail the 70-series with an automatic transmission not offered since the 1990s when select markets had access to a four-speed self-shifter.

South Africa safe for now

For now though, the V8 remains and despite the supply constraints in Australia, Toyota South Africa isn’t experiencing the same hold-ups after confirming to The Citizen last year that a “stop-ordering” on Land Cruiser 70-series sales have not been implemented.

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