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24 Mar 2017
9:30 am

Cyclist dragged down stairs in attempted robbery

CNS Reporter

Several armed muggings have been reported on the same spot.

The archway where the attack and attempted robbery occurred.

A local business owner stopped an attempted robbery and attack of a cyclist who was dragged down the stairs on Monday afternoon at about 2pm in Durban, Northglen News reports.

Andy Craig, was driving on the M4 (going north) when he spotted the female cyclist being attacked under the arch by two men at the Ellis Brown Viaduct’s tower over the uMngeni River.

According to Craig, the thick bushes were used as cover by thieves to hide and rob passing cyclists and runners.

“I just saw the two men attack her. I immediately pulled the car off on the Riverside Road off-ramp and began running towards the cyclist, by that time they had dragged her down the stairs. One of her attackers was on top of her and she was struggling against him.

When they spotted me they bolted. The cyclist had ligament damage to her knee and she injured her hip from being dragged down the steps next to the tower. Her bicycle and valuables were still with her. They ran off into the bushes to escape.

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“I shudder to think what would have happened if I had gone past five seconds later. I’d just like to warn runners and cyclists who use that route, to avoid using it if possible. The problem is the bridge provides cover as does the bush adjacent to the free way. And don’t think time of day matters,” he said.

In 2015, there were eight armed muggings on the walkway (going towards Riverside Road), six of those robberies involved cyclists.

Angry residents, tired of waiting for the City to cut back the thick bushes next to the walkway took matters into their own hands by cutting them back themselves.

They found a rusted panga and a butter knife concealed under sand and roots near the tower.

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