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Marnelle Greyling
1 minute read
25 Jul 2017
12:22 pm

Dog found dangling from tree in north of Joburg

Marnelle Greyling

The dog was hanged with a wire that had been pushed through the dog’s skin to hang it.

Picture: Thinkstock

A dachshund-cross has been found dead in an open field on the corner of Lonehill Boulevard and Capricorn Road, dangling from a tree by a piece of wire.

The wire had been pushed through the dog’s skin to hang it, Fourways Review reported.

“This crime is in violation of the Animal Protection Act and the perpetrator can be prosecuted if found,” said inspector Stephen Maile, from Sandton Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

Maile ran a microchip scan but, unfortunately, there was no microchip or any sign of identification for the dog.

It seems like something had eaten away at the dog’s hindlegs, and because of that, the owner of the dog could not be determined.

“The body had already started to decompose, and there were no other leads at the crime scene,” said Maila.

According to him, the dog suffered immensely and was strangled.

He added that this has been a difficult and traumatic case.

Fourways Review has decided to publish the picture, as graphic and upsetting as it is, in the hope that someone will provide the SPCA with information that will help identify the perpetrator.

This poor little dachshund-cross was found dead in an open field, dangling from a tree by a piece of wire which had been pushed through its skin. Sandton SPCA is pleading for the community’s help.

The Sandton SPCA appeals to community for any information that could aid the investigation. “If the community has any information to share, they should make contact with the Sandton SPCA,” said Maile.

Details: 011 444 7730;

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