Gopolang Moloko
1 minute read
27 Feb 2019
11:36 am

WATCH: Seven miracle videos that may turn you into a believer

Gopolang Moloko

We've compiled a list of videos where pastors have performed extraordinary alleged miracles.

Controversy surrounds Pastor Alph Lukau, the leader of Alleluia Ministries International church in Sandton who resurrected a “dead” man during his Sunday sermon. The video footage of Lukau and this so-called miracle has been trending on social media.

See our list of some noteworthy “miracles” that may turn anyone into a believer.

The first is pastor Lukau’s infamous resurrection. The Alleluia Ministries International on Sunday left the country in shock after holding a “miracle” service at his church that, among other extraordinary things, saw people throwing away their wheelchairs after receiving their alleged healing.

We move on to another miracle by Lukau where he prayed for a woman to walk. In June 2017, a woman on a stretcher arrived in an ambulance at the church in Sandton. The women claimed she could not walk and had tried everything.

In another video, self-proclaimed Prophet Shepherd Bushiri can be seen “capturing” the spirit of a congregant’s child on an Ipad.

Another video posted on February 20 shows a pastor using a minor to perform an alleged exorcism.

Another unbelievable testimony is shown by an unidentified pastor who tells a story of how he was told he had a stroke and yet he still attended a church service.

Pastor Lukau resurfaced in our online search showing the pastor performing other miracles.

A Kenyan pastor also performs a hair-raising miracle on one of his church members.

(Compiled by Gopolang Chawane)

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