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’52, no man, no kids, failed career’: RHODurban’s Ameigh’s claws come out

The feud between RHODurban stars Zama Ngcobo and Ameigh Thompson has spilled over from the small screen onto social media platforms.

The feud between The Real Housewives of Durban (RHODurban) stars Zama Ngcobo and Ameigh Thompson has spilled over from the small screens onto social media platforms. 

The pair are the new additions to Showmaxs hit reality TV show, and the animosity between them has been evident since their debut on the show.

Ameigh recently took to her Instagram stories to take a swipe at Zama. In a series of posts, she age-shamed Zama among other things, saying: “52, no man, no kids, failed career because your [body] is too old to work for you. I’d be mad too if I had to beg married men for money.”

In another post, she said: “Different hotel roofs make you dizzy, vele, once you’re 40 and above… I’d rather be a bantinti [an inmate] anyway than be a NATIONAL side chick.” 

Ameigh said this is her way of retaliating. She added: “This grown-up “mature” woman has been dragging me on Twitter since I entered the show… Anyways, I SAID WHAT I SAID! Angihlehli [I am not backing down].” 

Ameigh’s IG stories screenshot

In what seems like a swift response to Ameigh, Zama recorded a video quoting the Bible about how God always fights for his children in difficult situations. She also reposted a few social media posts that took swipes at Ameigh.

Zama’s IG stories screenshot

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Ameigh throws champagne in Zama’s face

In the most recent episode of RHODurban, Ameigh threw champagne on Zama’s face as their exchange got heated. 

As the other ladies exchanged apologies, Ameigh also tried to get Zama to apologise for things she said about her on the show, but Zama was not willing. 

“In the recording, you keep saying: Do you know why she faked the hijacking? She has a man who’s in prison. First of all, to correct you, he is not a fraudster; he is a drug dealer. 

“What’s upset me is that you keep mentioning my kids. Don’t talk about my children. You don’t know what it takes to be a mom,” Ameigh said before throwing champagne in Zama’s face.

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