Mark Jones
Road Test Editor
3 minute read
19 Jun 2021
4:04 pm

Porsche Taycan the motorised equivalent of a smart phone

Mark Jones

Load shedding shouldn't bring your electric car to a halt when you get into the habit of topping up the battery every day.

Porsche Taycan

I have been roaming around on this rock called Earth for a substantial number of years now, and I have seen it change in so many ways but none more so than in the automotive industry. And here I am once again talking to you about an all-electric car and this time in the form of the Porsche Taycan. I can immediately delve into the kW, the voltage of the battery, the size of the battery and how the power is stored and transported to the wheels, and so on. And for the record, the Taycan uses an 800 volt...