Eric Naki
Political Editor
2 minute read
12 Jul 2021
6:15 am

‘There are no jobs here’: Disgruntled residents complain about unemployment

Eric Naki

“The municipality does not give us jobs, they give it to their friends and family members,” one resident said.

Photo: iStock

For many residents of Steve Tshwete local municipality, service delivery is not a problem. But the lack of jobs is a big issue. The complaints of many residents interviewed had nothing to do with mainstream municipal service delivery issues, but a common cry for jobs. The evidence of unemployment could be seen in the numerous young people roaming the streets and some sitting idle in Mhluzi, Nasaret, Rockdale and Extension 24 and other townships. “We have no problem with service delivery here. What we need are jobs,” said Tholakele Mahlangu, 36, an unemployed mother of two. She lived on the...