Richard Anthony Chemaly
5 minute read
16 Jul 2021
3:34 pm

No more pretending: We need to talk about racism

Richard Anthony Chemaly

South Africans have seen this week what damage racial stereotypes can do, so it's time to take a step back, and ask ourselves how to fix things.

A billboard near Corlett Drive on the M1 South, 30 June 2021. Picture: Neil McCartney

Who's responsible for the racism? Awful question. I know… yet it’s one that we struggle to tackle. All this talk of being inclusive and accommodating; it’s not new. It may be shocking to believe but as late as the late 2000s, there was a solid push to racially desegregate hostels at the University of the Free State. I remember the time. It was wild. The adaptation wasn’t just about opening the doors though. It was changing the mechanics within. No longer would the passive excuse of “if they don’t want to come, we can’t force them” be an excuse of...