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From Africa with peace: Ramaphosa’s tenacious bid to end Ukraine-Russia conflict

In a historic move, President Ramaphosa, leading the African Peace Mission, presented a ten-point peace proposal to Russian and Ukrainian leaders.

Government said the African Peace Mission Initiative – spearheaded by President Cyril Ramaphosa – made strides in fostering dialogue between Russia and Ukraine.

Despite the challenges encountered by South African security in Poland, Ramaphosa succeeded in presenting a ten-point plan to both parties, aiming to quell the ongoing conflict.

The African Peace Mission

Ramaphosa, alongside African leaders from Senegal, Zambia, and Comoros, represented the seven-nation, 10-point proposal.

Russia-Ukraine peace talks

Meeting President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Friday and President Vladimir Putin on Saturday, they highlighted the importance of resolving conflicts through negotiation and peaceful methods.

Ramaphosa reiterated this approach in his interactions with both leaders, thanking Putin for receiving the delegation.

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Africa’s 10-point proposal

Central to the meetings were the ten elements of the peace mission put forth by the African representatives.

The initiative stresses the importance of dialogue – with Ramaphosa emphasising that their proposals were complementary, not competitive – to global initiatives.

Asserting the negative impacts of the war on global economies, he highlighted the urgent need for an end to the conflict.

Respect for sovereignty

In line with the UN Charter, the African peace mission underscored the recognition of other nations’ sovereignty.

The initiative also urges de-escalation on both sides and supports internationally recognised principles.

Ramaphosa pushed for safety guarantees, along with unhindered grain movement across the Black Sea, and humanitarian aid for war victims.

Post-war reconstruction for Russia and Ukraine

Among the peace mission’s objectives is advocating for post-war reconstruction and prisoner release on both Ukraine’s and Russia’s side.

Receiving an endorsement from President Zelenskyy, Ramaphosa emphasised that Africa can play a significant role in these efforts.

Reflecting on the peace mission, Ramaphosa stressed its historic nature, being the first of its kind for the African continent.

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