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Cape Town offers R5k reward for snitching on illegal dumpers

The City of Cape Town has also added 300 more people on the ground to clean the city.

In a drive to clamp down on illegal activities, the City of Cape Town is offering a reward of up to R5,000 for reporting the perpetrators.

As part of the #SpringCleanCT, which kicked off on 1 September, Cape Town set up a 24-hour toll-free hotline for residents to report illegal dumping activity and other by-law infringements.

Cape Town resident Riaan Delport received his reward on Tuesday after reporting illegal dumping that resulted in a truck being impounded.

According to Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis, Delport alerted the City of Cape Town to illegal dumping taking place on the side of a road, after spotting the truck discarding a pile of rubble.

“Cleaning up Cape Town requires all of our efforts and we encourage residents to come forward like Mr Delport did – and they can do so anonymously as well. If you see illegal dumping, take down the vehicle license plate number and report them to us. They could be fined up to R5000, have their vehicle impounded, or face a two-year prison sentence,” said Hill Lewis.

For every fine and conviction, there is a potential reward of up to R5000.

“It is within our ability to change the culture of litter and dumping in Cape Town. We are calling on residents, schools, businesses, and community groups to join the #SpringCleanCT campaign.

“Additionally, the City is adding 300 more boots on the ground to clean Cape Town this spring, with a call for residents to get involved in community clean-ups.”

Back in Gauteng, authorities in Boksburg have called on residents to “stop poisoning” the environment as the city struggles with illegal dumping.

Ward 32 Clr Marius de Vos has voiced his frustration with the government’s “inability” to clamp down on the problem.

“The Boksburg CBD looks terrible because of the high level of illegal dumping that continues unchecked. Sadly, officials seem unable to decisively deal with the copious amounts of illegal dumping taking place in the public spaces across the city,” he was quoted as saying by the Boksburg Advertiser.

“Residents continuously throw their litter into the pile and easily get away with it. Some businesses, including hawkers, are also culprits, especially those trying to avoid paying more for refuse collection.”

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Compiled by Vhahangwele Nemakonde

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