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By Siphumelele Khumalo


May people ‘see what they do’ with Waluś now that he is out of prison – EFF

'They did not consider whether he is rehabilitated or not, nor did they consider his lack of remorse for the murder of comrade Hani.'

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has described the release of Chris Hani’s killer, Janusz Waluś, as “a mark of the ultimate victory of fundamentalism over the needs and aspirations of the majority of South Africa’s people”.

This after Minister of Justice and Correctional Services Ronald Lamola placed Waluś on parole under “strict conditions“ with effect from Wednesday, 7 December.


This follows the judgment of the Constitutional Court handed down in November 2022, that Waluś be released within 10 days.

His release was delayed after he was stabbed, allegedly by a fellow prisoner, reported to be a former military veterans member.

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No remorse

EFF said in a statement that it was disturbed by the release and the party condemned the act as Waluś  did not show remorse, nor did he divulge the identities of the people he worked with.

“We condemn Waluś’ release as it is abhorrent and shows scant regard to the nature of the crime that was committed by this murderous maniac. Janusz Waluś not only killed a man, but his bullet also shattered the hopes of millions of our people and almost pushed this country into war.”

“His killing of Hani was an assassination of the very idea of freedom itself, and the killing of Hani was not merely murder, it was treasonous.”

ConCourt did not consider emotional damage

The party highlighted that when the ConCourt authorised his release, it did not consider Hani’s family or the standpoint of the citizens of South Africa who were extremely fond of Chris Hani.

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Another factor which was overlooked, according to the EFF, was whether Waluś is rehabilitated or not.

“There must be a thorough assessment of the vested interests that our courts seem to be protecting and advancing, and black people must carefully understand that a captured judiciary means for their aspirations for emancipation.”

“We condemn this release; it is repugnant and shows that black pain and suffering is of no concern in this country. Whites have centred themselves in almost every key aspect of life post 1994, and our courts continue to affirm whites as the centre of life in this country,” said the EFF.

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The party also said that it was almost as if Chris Hani’s death was in vain as “a man who undermined the socialist progress of South Africa walks the streets”.

“Chris Hani called for the return of the land, free education, free housing, sanitation, and for an economy which will be in the hands of the people.

“He sacrificed his life in exile, risked the life of his children and his own for our freedom, and today his killer walks amongst us.

“May our people see what they do with Janusz Waluś, now that he is out of prison.”

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