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Pink Tax: Why is Clicks charging more for a blue brush than a pink one?

Clicks shopper questions retailer about different prices for the same male and female hair brushes in a different colour.

A Twitter user has pointed out an anomaly she saw at Clicks stores when two detangling brushes from the same manufacturer were not only divided into gender, but labelled differently.

The Clicks Pretty Girl Detangling brush for girls was marked at R39.99, while the Blue Detangling hairbrush for the Brave Boys Detangler was R14.00, just in a different colour

clicks- brushes
Clicks brushes.

Lesley Ncube uploaded the image with questions for Clicks questioning why the discrimination.

Speak, without telling us: @Clicks SATell us you hate girls &women without telling us you them: Retail edition.


What’s the difference here? Also the wording on those products How is ‘Pink tax’ still acceptable? On top of the gender pay gap? Tell us you hate girls&women without telling us you them: Retail edition.

Clicks responded: “Hi Oratile thank you for contacting us. Both items were initially at exactly the same price but have been discontinued recently. The markdown of the one product was purely as a result of excess stock. The remaining discontinued stock has been earmarked for donations.”

Followers questioned the truth of the response, reminding Clicks that marked down prices have a red sticker and that shaving equipment costs less in the men’s aisle.

The question was also raised by a follower if the retailer isn’t trans-inclusive and doesn’t hires trans staff and perhaps it feels the reaction by staff members towards trans community staff would be hostile.

Clicks has previously been involved in a product debacle when a racist advert caused a national stir in South Africa.

The retail chain was forced to close certain stores and negotiate with EFF protestors. The offending products were removed from all stores.

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