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WATCH: ‘Josh, f**king drive!’ – Epic mongoose vs Cape Cobra ‘battle of the golf course’

A viral video of the fast and furious battle between a mongoose and a Cape cobra has earned 'Josh' a social media 'shout-out'. Here's why...

Gripping footage of an enormous Cape Cobra “teeing off” with a menacing slither before lunging over a marker at Melkbosstrand’s Atlantic Beach Golf Club has caused quite a stir.

The terrifying and fascinating sight of one of the deadliest snakes on the African continent and his nemesis locked in battle on the very same golf course is captured in a second video along with the petrified cameraman’s reaction…

Round one: Cape cobra vs mongoose – The great escape

The first clip was shared by a golfer on her Instagram account, captioned: “Koperkapel (Cape cobra), on our ladies’ tee box! I’m definitely going to hit straight from now on!”

In the amazing footage which went viral on social media, one of the Cape Cobra’s natural predators, a grey mongoose, can be spotted further back in the rough.

It is most likely that the snake ventured onto the green in its effort to make a speedy escape from the Mongoose.

Take a look at the encounter in the video below:

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Round two: Cape cobra vs mongoose – The great catch

Shortly thereafter, a second video depicting an epic life-and-death battle between a feisty mongoose and Cape Cobra surfaced.

Chances are good that it is the same mongoose and “tee-ed off” cobra featured in the previous video.

The clip shared on TikTok opens with a shot of the green while the unsuspecting cameraman and his golfing partner approach in their golf cart.

The “serene green scene” is suddenly transformed into a battleground when a deadly encounter between a mongoose and Cape Cobra ensues near the cameraman.

The incredible footage shows the agile mongoose countering the cobra’s defensive strikes with remarkable skill and aerial acrobatics.

It does not take long for the cameraman’s initial disbelief to turn into angst.

He can be heard yelling in a panicked voice: “Josh, f**king drive!”

“Josh”, who decides to stay put to witness the mongoose’s valiant victory before it makes off with its catch, has earned the praise of internet users.

TikTok user Kgosi Mabe hits the nail on the head with his comment: “Shout out to Josh for not driving away… We almost missed the action.”

WATCH: Now let’s take a look at THAT epic battle!

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What makes mongooses champion snake catchers?

Mongooses, as well as meerkats, have rightfully earned themselves the reputation of being champion snake catchers.

NDTV reported that in 75 to 80% of fights with the highly venomous cobra, the mongoose invariably wins. The Indian grey mongoose is famous for its love of battling and devouring cobras.

According to National Geographic, mongooses’s ability to withstand the lethal bite of cobras can be attributed to mutated cells that block the snakes’ neurotoxins from entering their bloodstream.

This, however, means they can tolerate a certain amount of snake venom, but are not completely immune.

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Golfing in SA not for sissies…

Golfing in South Africa is not for sissies with unusual wildlife sightings on some of our country’s manicured golf greens having made international headlines on several occasions.

Lions on the Skukuza Golf Course in the Kruger National Park. Photo: Supplied/ Lowvelder

In 2019, the Daily Mail reported on leopards, hyenas, giraffes and even elephants frequenting the Kruger Park’s Skukuza Golf Course.

Staff at what has been dubbed the “world’s wildest golf course”, apparently have to hide flags from hungry animals, with entire prides of lions visiting the course throughout the years for sunbathing sessions and general lazing about.

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