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[UPDATE] N1 to Pretoria re-opened after two trucks burst into flames

One of the trucks may have been transporting hazardous materials. N1 remains closed due to clean up operations.

Tshwane Emergency Services have confirmed that the N1 highway to Pretoria has been re-opened after two trucks, one of which was reportedly carrying hazardous materials, collided and burst into flames early on Monday morning.

One person was injured in the accident.

The road was earlier closed to traffic for several hours until the clean-up operations on the road surface was completed.

N1 reopened

It is understood the accident happened after the N4 Proefplaas interchange in the early hours of Monday morning.

Tshwane Emergency Services spokesperson Charles Mabaso has urged motorists to be cautious on the road.

“According to the latest report from Sanral, the N1 where the accident occurred this morning between two trucks is now clear and traffic is free-flowing.”


Mabaso said one truck rammed into the other just after 1am.

“One truck collided into the back of the other truck. Upon arrival on scene, both trucks were on fire, the one was fully engulfed by the flames and the truck in the front only had parts of its trailer on fire.

Firefighters managed to extinguish the fire on both vehicles,” Mabaso said.

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One of the trucks carrying hazardous materials

Mabaso said one of the vehicles may have been transporting hazardous materials.

“A hazardous material company contracted to Sanral was then dispatched to monitor the situation as well as commence with the cleaning and containment of the hazardous material. One person was treated on the scene and transported to Steve Biko Academic Hospital,” Mabaso said.

He said law enforcement authorities were on scene and advised motorists to use alternative routes.

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