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21 Jan 2019
10:33 pm

Social media left horrified as woman allegedly raped live on Facebook

Citizen Reporter

The only person who could have helped her was instead taking a video of the crime.

Social media users were left in disbelief and horror by a video of a woman who was allegedly being raped by a man in a US club while his friend took a video of the ordeal.

It is said the victim was drugged before being raped. Her attacker’s face appears in the video briefly, which the alleged perpetrators don’t seem to be aware of, as they are filming the crime separately.

It appears that, as a last resort, the victim had gone live on Facebook in an effort to reach out to the online community.

Facebook Live has already become infamous for recordings of other violent acts, including murders, accidents and suicides.

In the footage that has been circulating on social media platforms, the woman is seen screaming for help as a man pins her against a table.

Not much else is seen, especially further details of the perpetrator and the other man taking the video, as it is dark inside the club, though other people can be seen moving in the background.

Loud music is heard playing.

In the video from her own Facebook Live account, the crying woman shouts “help me”, though no one comes to her rescue.

The Atlanta police department reportedly told “Early Sunday morning, APD began receiving calls about a Facebook Live video that appears to show a woman being sexually assaulted in a local nightclub. Our Special Victims Unit has made contact with the victim, and an investigation into the matter has been opened. The investigation continues.”

The woman later took to social media to thank those who had been checking up on her.

She said: “I won’t entertain any negativity and any speculations. Thanks to everyone for every text, I can only respond to a few. The guy I took a video with earlier in the day is not the same as the guy in the video. I did not and could not delete the video, there’s an investigation going on. I will be okay.”

The Citizen will not be publishing the original footage, as it is too triggering, particularly for other rape victims.

Social media users were not backing down on demands for a search for her rapist. Money has been offered to anyone who may have knowledge of the man’s whereabouts, while some social media users claim to have found his accounts.

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