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New York dogs given opportunity to pee on Trump

If you're a New Yorker offended by the idea of tiny Trump statues getting peed on, urine trouble.

Small statues of US President Donald Trump are cropping up all over New York, with a sign saying “Pee On Me” at the base.

While the signs are presumably aimed at dogs, human beings could in theory also participate, provided there are no law enforcement agents there to witness the act.

The signs are reportedly the work of Phil Gable, the creative director of brand content company Porcupine Armadillo.


With the “installation,” Gable hopes to provide a “a little moment of levity” to counteract what he sees as the depressing political climate in the US.

The artworks are also an expression of the artist’s “disdain for Donald Trump,” he told Vice.

“I’ve always loved political humor,” the artist told NBC, adding that “people need some good laughs just to make it through the day” in the current political landscape in the US.


“If I can give them a laugh and a little break from their day, that’s great,” he said. “And if this gets anyone at any point in the political spectrum to contemplate the concept of decency at a time when this administration is being so hostile to so many groups, that’s good, too.”

Some have reacted negatively to the statues, but Gable feels the artworks are “light-hearted” compared to the “mean-spirited” things Trump has said and done.

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He added that the negative reaction to the installation has been bipartisan.

“Some very straight-laced Democrats have been offended because they think it’s distasteful, and some Trump supporters have been offended because they think it’s disrespectful,” he added.




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