Mukoni Ratshitanga
5 minute read
13 Dec 2019
5:40 am

From ‘unplanned breakdowns’ to ‘sabotage’, Eskom is fodder for the tin foil hats

Mukoni Ratshitanga

The problem with conspiracy theories is that peddlers and recipients alike can end up seeing ghosts where none exist.

Mukoni Ratshitanga.

The theories can also provide a self-assuring, but delusional, comfort whose stock in trade is the externalisation of problems at the expense of necessary introspection. But as the aphorism goes: absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. So, there are conspiracies and conspiracies. And the fact that one shouts out a conspiracy does not necessarily absolve them of responsibility. Consider the all-round haemorrhaging electricity blackouts of last week and this week. From December 5 up to Wednesday, public communication by Eskom on the cause of the outages was a classic moving target. It illustrated the utility’s prowess at spinning...