Mukoni Ratshitanga
5 minute read
3 Jan 2020
2:34 pm

Bury the demon of narrow ethnicity

Mukoni Ratshitanga

The alleged tribalism incident that was brought to light by the Thomas Chauke incident should be seen as a wake-up call to our leaders.

Mukoni Ratshitanga. Picture: Neil McCartney

On December 14, a worrisome incident occurred during the annual Mapungubwe Arts Festival at the Peter Mokaba Stadium in the Limpopo province administrative centre of Polokwane. At midnight and shortly after he took to the stage, the esteemed member of the Order of Ikhamanga, musician Thomas Chauke, was abruptly stopped by one of the stage managers while in performance.  A widely circulated video shows a man moving towards the performance area, unplugging a microphone from a tri-leg stand, and running his hand across an electronic piano, causing a sound distortion. Chauke turns to the man and brings his performance to...