Kabelo Chabalala
3 minute read
24 Apr 2020
4:11 pm

Amid ‘corona corruption’, food parcels are a good gesture, but are not sustainable

Kabelo Chabalala

On his popular show Your View on Newzroom Afrika, Channel 405 (before the lockdown was even a thought), JJ Onkgopotse Tabane forewarned us, “And mark my words, there will be corona corruption.”

Kabelo Chabalala.

It is already happening. People are handing out food parcels that apparently cost R1,200 yet, the contents thereof wouldn’t cost more than R200. It breaks my heart to see how people and organisations are being opportunists amid the dire effects of the coronavirus. Sadly, it looks like poverty could kill us more than the coronavirus itself. No, this is not solicited research. It is based on the number of people who are worried about what they are going to eat next. We all understand that we have to save life. We completely embrace the idea to save more lives. However,...