Simon Lapping
2 minute read
22 Jul 2021
5:17 am

Social media platforms’ inaction also to blame for destruction in SA

Simon Lapping

Surely part of the job of the social media police is to ensure their users engage on their platforms in a responsible manner?

Icons of social media apps. Picture: iStock

The past few weeks have been turbulent in South Africa, to say the least. What annoys me is the blame game that has followed. An estimated R15 billion in property damaged, wholescale looting and over 200 lives lost. Thousands of jobs lost. The cost of the social damage and mistrust created – incalculable. Everyone is now deciding who should bear the responsibility for the mayhem. President Cyril Ramaphosa has clearly been shown up by his own Cabinet. The state security apparatus failed completely, forcing community members to protect themselves from the looters and the carnage they brought with them. Ramaphosa...