Isaac Mashaba
3 minute read
28 Jul 2021
4:52 am

SA’s future characterised by self-destruction and corruption

Isaac Mashaba

Do our political leaders not know that the core of these principles is founded on plan, organise, lead, control and communicate?

Picture: Gallo Images

According to the Gallup World Poll’s ninth World Happiness Report (2021), SA leads the race as one of the most unhappy countries in the world. I am sure this makes our parliamentary leaders happy as they battle behind closed doors, hard at work to ensure we become the world leader in despair and misery. However, it is doubtful they will view this world ranking as an embarrassment. Perhaps they will wear it as a new badgeof honour, as they appear to do with all of their other failures. “Don’t worry, be happy” can only work if we know we are...