Isaac Mashaba
3 minute read
22 Sep 2021
6:00 am

Gangsters still dominate govt at our expense

Isaac Mashaba

They have been living off the fat of the land while we must be satisfied with the occasional crumbs they drop.

A group of residents of Klipfonteinview blockade Allandale road in Johannesburg, 3 May 2021 in a protest about service delivery and called on the Mayor toi address their concerns. Picture: Neil McCartney

Not a single day passes that we do not hear, read, or witness the anarchy and violence engulfing our once-great and well-respected country. Images of burning tyres and rocks strewn across roads, along with damaged and wrecked infrastructure are daily sights. We have become so immune to these images that we no longer care. It is a given that South Africa has, in recent years, seen more riots and protests than any time of our lives, while the SA Police Service often stand on the sidelines and watch. The government has become blind to the ever-growing battalions of beggars that...