Isaac Mashaba
5 minute read
19 Jan 2022
5:30 am

Leaders must stop blaming colonisation for their failures

Isaac Mashaba

The government has successfully destroyed or stolen much of what they inherited.

One critic points out that the government ‘has a history of failed central management and looting of funds’. Photo for illustration: Wikimedia Commons

I often wonder how far our great political leaders will go with their constant referrals to ‘decolonising’ everything they can think of. One thing is very apparent though: they live in the past and have no vision for a bright and prosperous future for our people. They have also turned it into a populist weapon to appeal to those they have betrayed and forgotten about –merely to regain their support. Our government embarked on a silent but steady process of decolonisation some years ago already and look where we are now… History has taught us there is no country that...