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LETTER: Strewth! Add metro cops, ATMs and Black Friday to nightmare list

Not even your nightmares are safe anymore...

Metro cops and Black Friday fall in the category of black cats and blood moons, writes Des du Triou.

Don’t drive on Black Friday

Don’t, my muse warned, go out on a blue moon, on halloween, or on leprechaun night. Never drive on Black Friday.

But no, there I am, cruising down Joe Slovo.

Out glides the Metro bat, finger crooked, pavement side.

Fullscale-size ticket book and extra large Bic pen.

Her smouldering eyes burn through my RayBans.

I hit anchors.

“License,” she rasps.

I realise I left it at the cat.

“Sorry, left it at home. I’ll bring it later. Do you take ATM cards?”

Even the street rats are laughing them lame, not buying a stitch.

She flips open the dreaded book, so forceful the wind blowback sends gutter plastics flying.

That giant pen prongs me in the short rib, skriks me skeef.

It’s the wife’s elbow, breaking my nightmare.

“Up and ready,” she chirps.

“It’s Black Friday, it’s koop-koop. Don’t forget your licence and ATM card.”

Strewth! Black cats, skewed hats and brooms… they can even read your dreams.

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Citizens need to stand up, be counted

South Africans are so gullible and fall hook, line and sinker for any diatribe that so many of our ANC ministers and top officials dish up on a daily basis.

For years now they have been programming you all with intermittent load shedding.

You have all now come to believe this is the norm and it is acceptable, and this is only the start of the downward slope.

Where has all that South African resolve gone?

Have we no longer got the balls to stand up against those who wish to take our country down?


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Tech shows how govt ignore us

While we are still plagued with rolling blackouts and Covid recovery, hopefully all in the name of rejuvenating the economy, I am amazed at another sorrowful state: “mobile phones that are not answered”.

Moreover, resorting to sending a text message is also ignored in the full knowledge the recipient has received the message shown by two blue ticks – a dead giveaway that the sender’s message has been ignored.

In the age of this technology, I can’t believe these actions are nothing more than bad manners, basic courtesy and ignorance of due diligence, bordering on downright contempt in responding politely to a message necessitating an answer.

If I had carried out this despicable attitude as a young salesman, my tenure would have been short-lived.

Death of a Salesman?

Dave Merrington

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Eskom must collect outstanding debt

The government says that it is looking for funds so that Eskom can buy diesel.

Why don’t they get the billions owed by the useless municipalities back to fund the purchase of diesel?

It’s about time that they employ people to collect that outstanding debt.

Obviously, the current debt collectors are not doing what they are paid to do.

No, they will rather chase the home owners to lose their homes and cut off their electricity.

Too easy.


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