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By Kekeletso Nakeli


My only plea to Lesufi: don’t disappoint us

Unemployment holds one back from dreams and goals. Crime holds us hostage from freedom of movement.

There is hope in the air in Gauteng; call it what you may, the ambitions of premier Panyaza Lesufi give off the “it’s going to get better” kind of vibes.

The traffic wardens, though I have not seen them, are a sign of efforts to regain a sense of security to a city millions call home, but where only the brave can confidently walk its street.

I recently saw an advert for 6 000 jobs, targeted at those who have lost hope and which seem an indication the government sees and hears the plight of its people. Is it too soon to say Gauteng is slowly becoming the place we once loved to call home?

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Naysayers have said the heightened activity is window-dressing for the elections. They call it the “Panyaza effect”, where there is plenty of talk but no movement.

But the rest of us, those who understand civil society can only do so much, that business can only keep investing so much, know government is what will make the biggest difference. It is commendable an office of leadership has the confidence to tackle the hostage situation the people finds themselves in.

Unemployment holds one back from dreams and goals. Crime holds us hostage from freedom of movement.

We are afraid to buy the cars of our dreams because unauthorised owners may “repossess” them. We are afraid to walk in the central business district because we may become a statistic to the rising crime levels.

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We can be critics – and so we should be: we are residents of this city and this province, we pay our taxes and want to live in safety, to enjoy our homes – but we must also see the efforts of those trying to restore the dignity of our space.

While the government has flaws, we ought to be mindful of those who go against the tide and swim towards the people, as opposed to a select few. We may be disappointed later, but we may also be pleasantly surprised.

In a situation where we either choose hope or hopelessness, I opt for hope. Better days are coming. One office wants to see improvement and with our support, it will be attainable… This office has restored my faith in the City of Gold, where dreams are attainable.

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My only plea: don’t disappoint us.

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