William Saunderson-Meyer
3 minute read
27 Mar 2021
5:55 am

RET faction is gaining traction in the ANC

William Saunderson-Meyer

There are a few credible pro-democracy organisations listed in DOD’s launch statement but the overwhelming impression is of desperation and political naivety.

President Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: GCIS

"Defend Our Democracy” has a stirring ring. And an apparently spontaneous gathering of South Africa’s great and good to confront the forces of darkness must surely be welcomed. Except that last week’s launch of the Defend Our Democracy (DOD) movement is only peripherally related to any threat against democracy and the constitution. It’s really about the defence of President Cyril Ramaphosa against his foes within the ANC. The unstated aim is to ensure his political survival. The unstated reasoning is that if Ramaphosa is unseated at next year’s leadership convention, the constitution will be an early casualty of the populism...