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By Itumeleng Mafisa

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Magashule refutes claims he failed to process state capture related reports

Ace Magashule had already vacated the position of SG when the commission completed its work, says his spokesperson.

Former ANC secretary-general (SG) Ace Magashule has distanced himself from allegations that he did not process reports concerning senior ANC members who had been implicated in the State Capture Commission.

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In a media statement, Magashule’s spokesperson Mohau Khumalo said the former ANC SG could not keep quiet while his name was being dragged through the mud by the current ANC SG, Fikile Mbalula.

Magashule defends his name

In a media briefing this week, Mbalula said certain reports related to those accused of wrongdoing in the ANC had not been processed from the time Magashule was the ANC’s SG, thus creating a backlog.

The ANC has come under criticism for admitting at least six controversial candidates to its list for public office after the upcoming elections.

According to Magashule, who is now the leader of the African Congress for Transformation (ACT), he was no longer in the office of the SG at the time the commission completed its work and final reports.

“Upon the conclusion of the Zondo Commission in June 2022, Magashule had been gone from his position as secretary-general for approximately 13 months. During this time, another leader had assumed the role of secretary-general for the ANC,” Khumalo said.

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Khumalo said when Mbalula became the secretary-general in December 2022, Magashule had already vacated the position of SG for about 19 months.

“By the time Magashule resigned from the ANC, he had not been in the Office of the Secretary-General for a period of 24 months, or two years,” Khumalo said.

He said the ANC is using Magashule as an excuse to field candidates that are tainted.

“It is so insincere for Fikile Mbalula to attribute the failure of the Integrity Commission to carry out its duties to the President-General of ACT. With him being at the helm, the ANC had a span of 24 months to efficiently handle and process all the issues brought before the Integrity Commission, without any interference from Magashule,” Khumalo said.

ANC plot against Magashule?

“From February 2023 to March 2024, the newly established Integrity Commission, under the leadership of Frank Chikane, had a total of 13 months to handle and process all the issues that were brought to its attention,” Khumalo added.

He said Magashule was allegedly targeted by the New Dawn faction of the ANC, led by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

“Mbalula should be forthright with the South African public and acknowledge that the step-aside rule, integrity commission, and Zondo Commission were employed as a ruse to single out Magashule, [former] president Jacob Zuma, and other progressive leaders within the ANC,” he said.