Anthony Turton
6 minute read
19 Jul 2021
5:08 am

SA is cleansing a dark soul – scourge of organised looting

Anthony Turton

Growing frustration has been felt by society at large, as they have witnessed the systematic looting of the fiscus by the political elite.

A Private security guard outside the Pick n Pay in the Pan Africa Mall in Alexandra, 14 July 2021 after mass looting happened in the area. Picture: Neil McCartney

Things have been moving fast last week to expose the myth of Zuma. The battle has been waged and mopping-up operations are now underway. KwaZulu-Natal has been gutted, with the supply chain laid waste – and now the hangover brings a dawning new reality. The second week in July 2021 will forever be etched into the history books as the pivotal moment when SA was taken to the brink, but also pulled back. That pivotal moment was refreshing, because for once it was not a racial divide, or even a class divide: at the core was the single question about...