Richard Anthony Chemaly
3 minute read
12 Nov 2021
1:07 pm

600 days of Covid lockdown: Does government even know if it was worth it?

Richard Anthony Chemaly

While the law allows for government to lock down the country, they shouldn't forget that it also requires them to give feedback on how it's going.

Picture: iStock

Yup, in the next week, we’ll have met the 600-day mark in the lockdown aspect of our Covid-19 response. Now, nobody should be simple enough to say that we never should have had a lockdown. However, given that there are many roads to Mecca, it would be prudent to investigate which road has the best padstals along the way. Y’know, the ones with colder drinks and better biltong. Unfortunately, 600 days in, there’s no official reflection on how this lockdown has gone. Sure, you could ask “but it’s not over so how can we reflect on it?”, but in that...