Eric Naki
Political Editor
3 minute read
7 Apr 2022
4:39 am

Ramaphosa is the only buffalo bull still in the kraal

Eric Naki

Besides her poor footprints on the ground that weakens her campaign for the top post, Sisulu displayed resilience and determination.

Photo: The Bulrushes

The year of the ANC election is usually an exciting, but tense, moment for party members – the now-traditional jockeying for positions is underway. That at least one prominent ANC leader was already on the campaign trail is the first indication that the stakes are high. Once more it’s important to state that there is nothing wrong with what Tourism Minister Lindiwe Sisulu is doing – it is her right to campaign. She is busy recruiting herself into the radical economic transformation (RET) grouping hoping to win them to her side to compensate for her thin grassroots support in the...