2 minute read
11 Sep 2021
5:10 am

Thumbs up for post-vaxx plans


The digital vaccination certificates are just over a week away, according to government.

Those eligible for a booster shot can get it six months after their second vaccine dose. Picture for illustration: citizen.co.za/Michel Bega

The interesting thing about anti-vaxxers is that they often share common cause with those who agitate to “open up the economy” to help the country recover from the financial devastation of the past 18 months. Yet, the one single phenomenon which could actually catapult us back to normality – widespread anti-Covid vaccinations – is a grievous violation of human rights and “freedom of choice” to these people. Tell that to the tourism and hospitality industries, which have been among the hardest hit – by lockdowns, curfewsand alcohol bans. South Africa’s tourist sector, which brought in billions in revenue from foreign...