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Zuma loss may boost the MK at polls

Despite court rulings, Jacob Zuma's political resilience shines, fueling his 'victim' campaign and bolstering party support.

For a man who has been slapped down so many times by our judicial system, Jacob Zuma is still far from being on his last legs politically.

His latest loss – when the Constitutional Court declared he will not be able to sit as an MP after this election – could even be construed as something of a victory.

Despite the angry posturing of his supporters that he is the target of a political conspiracy which aims to silence his voice in parliament, it is highly unlikely that the former president and current convict ever intended to take a seat in the National Assembly – because, if he did, he would have to forfeit his current privileges as a former head of state.

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What the loss does do, though, is give further impetus to his “victim” campaign, which will, in turn, boost his uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) party at the polls – after it already won the right to include his picture on the ballot paper.

An impressive turnout for his rally at Orlando Stadium in Soweto this past weekend is no guarantee, of course, that MK will sweep the ANC from power – it is a long way from that – but the ruling party should be worried.