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By Marizka Coetzer


Hofmeyr mum on suspension over dinner

Devon Hofmeyr's silence amplifies tension as suspension over gala dinner attendance awaits explanation.

United Independent Movement youth leader Devon Hofmeyr is still to tell his side of the story after being suspended last weekend for attending an opposition party’s gala dinner.

On Sunday, Hofmeyr was suspended from all party activities and positions, pending an investigation into allegations of a breach of its constitutional code of conduct.

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Hofmeyr and girlfriend attended MK gala dinner

Pictures circulated on social media of Hofmeyr and his girlfriend, Nikita Joubert, attending the uMkhonto weSizwe party’s (MK) gala dinner as guests of diamond dealer Louis Liebenberg.

Hofmeyr declined to comment and said it would be a case of “I told you so”.

Liebenberg last month launched his political campaign as an independent candidate in Johannesburg, announcing he would be contesting in Gauteng and the Free State.

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In the past few years, Liebenberg and MK leader former president Jacob Zuma have been seen rubbing shoulders. Liebenberg is reported to have contributed towards various Zuma court cases and to MK.

Not a calculated move

Political analyst Dr Benjamin Rapanyane said a youth leader attending another party’s gala dinner as a guest of someone else was not a calculated move.

“A political party cannot behave in such a manner that it is restricting people’s movements in our free democratic dispensation,” he said.

Rapanyane said this was a huge blunder and did not set a good record of the internal governance of the party itself.

Ideological scramble

Political analyst Piet Croucamp said right-wing politics was an ideological scramble.

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“Liebenberg and Hofmeyr, with their right wing interest and the Bittereinders – it’s hard to understand how they position themselves ideologically… They show populous ideals. It’s a scramble and a difficult position to hold.”