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Prince Kaybee and TNS in bitter war over Banomoya and Club Controller ‘nonpayment’

Kabelo Motsamai accused Nkazimulo Ngema of taking advantage of his kindness.

A war of words broke out on social media this week between Prince Kaybee, real name Kabelo Motsamai, and Nkazimulo Ngema, popularly known as TNS, over nonpayment allegations after co-producing hit songs Banomoya and Club Controller.

TNS alleged that Prince Kaybee had not paid him his share for the work done on the two songs, an allegation he denied, and provided proof of several payments made to the young DJ at his request.

Prince Kaybee took to social media to deny the claims made by TNS, saying he made them with the intent to discredit his brand. He said he had no control over royalties, and TNS would have to wait for Samro to handle that as he was credited on both songs as one of the producers.

“I ensured that he got bookings through my personal network and featured him on events in order to help him build his name and career.

“He lived in my home for the entire year in 2018 after he told me that he has no proper shelter, clothes or money to pursue his music. I took care of his life expense during this period and I can provide proof of the money spent on him.

“I bought him clothes, a phone, and gave him a car to pursue his work activities. Even the studio equipment he is using right now was bought by a friend and business associate that I introduced him to.

“This is a person that I believed in and took under my wing. I opened my home, studio, networks, and financially backed because I believed in him as [a] young artist. I will take the hard lessons that came with my kindness but I will not stop believing or supporting young talent because of one bad experience with a greedy individual,” said Prince Kaybee.

He further bought him a VW Golf 5 in November last year, and accused TNS of having an affair with his then girlfriend, an allegation TNS denied.

However, TNS said the money Prince Kaybee gave him was not more than R40,000 when he gave him songs worth more than R500,000. He accused Prince Kaybee of lying about everything to make himself look like a victim of success when he was the one who allegedly mistreated artists.

He claimed: “I carried you through 2018 with two big songs and that’s how you thank me? I protected you when you were being attacked for Club Controller, I became loyal to you and stood by your side yet you failed to be loyal to me with what is due to me.

“Do not come to me with such arrogance of lying to people about me, ngiyi ntwana kuwe but I can think, you never gonna treat me like you treated other artists and get away with it.

“Do not forget those who were with you on your way up brazo, Nami I won’t forget you because you contributed to who I am today.

“Where is everyone you made hits with? What happened to them?”

TNS claimed that the problem with Prince Kaybee was that he never wanted to talk things out. Now their professional relationship was so broken TNS claimed he removed nine of his songs from Prince Kaybee’s album, forcing him to put it on hold. But Prince Kaybee said his album would be released “as scheduled”.

“You even lied live on radio that all this came up because you released now everyone is jealous.

“You got guts to even lie and make yourself a good person ngami on radio. I released My Dali way before you released your single. No one exposed you, I gave myself the credit I deserve, and I put everything on my profile that’s why presenters get shocked when they read it. Now you’re trying to defend yourself by exposing me? Are you for real? Karma knows where everyone lives, your arrogance will catch up with you Prince Kaybee,” said TNS.

(Compiled by Vhahangwele Nemakonde)

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